I’m a lecturer in the computational science group at the University of New England, where I research and teach Human-Computer Interaction and Software Engineering.

There’s a brief bio explaining how I came to be interested in HCI research from a software development background on my About page

I’m also the course coordinator for our undergraduate computer science degree.


Collaborative projects I’m part of:

  • Technology for distributed studio teaching
    I’m a fan of “studio” teaching styles where students can learn from each others’ project experiences not just their own. In 2016, I have an OLT grant around supporting this style of teaching across distributed classes – where most of the students are off-campus.
    with Bing Ngu, Huy Phan, Nicolas Gromik, and Paul Kwan
    past collaborations with Jim Steel and Jörn Guy Süß at UQ

  • RamSelect
    The Sheep CRC developed a site to help graziers make use of sheep genetics information when selecting breeding rams, initially working with Telstra and Pivotal. This project has largely been around helping them build a small development team here at UNE to take the product forward.
    with the Sheep CRC, Paul Kwan, David Paul, and Johan Boshoff and his new team

  • Livestock wellbeing data platform
    This is a national effort involving rather a lot of people and organisations… probably can’t say much more yet, except we’re going to find out a lot about designing interactive systems involving data science, combinations of very diverse models, and rolling data predictions…
    with the Sheep CRC, Data2Decision CRC, Paul Kwan, David Paul, and many more

  • SMARTfarm learning hub
    The SMARTfarm is one of UNE’s landmarks. Recently, Mark Trotter led a successful OLT grant application to bring data from the SMARTfarm more directly into UNE’s teaching in a number of areas. My involvement is in bringing live agricultural data into our studio and advanced web courses
    part of Mark Trotter’s rather large team

  • MetaMood
    David’s mostly managing this one (supervising a very capable student, Alec Shaw), but I’ve had some involvement in the design. Essentially this is a gamification app for health, related to Metabolic Syndrome. Initiated by Rhonda Wilson, the subject matter expert.
    with Rhonda Wilson, David Paul, Alec Shaw, and Paul Kwan

…plus a number of HCI side projects I’m not quite publicising yet (the BCompSc redesign has taken up a lot of my time)

Current Students

One of the fun parts of my job is giving advice to students starting their research journey. My style is to be much more an advisor than a director – fundamentally it’s the student’s PhD, so my goal is to help find them a path along the direction they want to take.

  • Jaloud Aljaloud (PhD), with Paul Kwan and Nicolas Gromik, looking at designing student response apps for Saudi Arabian education

  • Salem Alamri (PhD), with Paul Kwan, looking at human computation

  • Josh Henderson (Coursework masters thesis), looking at strategies for handling concurrency issues in systems designed around message-queues such as ActiveMQ.


For a list of my publications, please see any of these:

But note they tend to lag a little. Like most academics, I’m not a regular gardener of my homepages.




Materials for some of these (and some “catch-up” mini-units) will be published publicly in the near future.